Message to investors
Our primary objective is to help committed entrepreneurs build successful companies to enable them to truly reach their full potential. We achieve this by opening doors at the highest levels and providing professional guidance at each step along the road to success, to accelerate processes that would typically take years to implement.

Message to entrepreneurs

RosenRam is dedicated to locating investors for private companies at all stages of development, from developing companies, to established corporations with billions in sales. Industry sectors include both traditional investments and developing companies that can benefit from meaningful capital commitment for the most advanced innovations, such as in communications, infrastructure, electronics and biotechnology.
RosenRam seeks out opportunity in companies on the verge of a material commercial development, which have strong foundations and potential for long-term growth. The focus is on companies with innovative products or business models that can generate an ongoing line of products and future commercial activities. The most important aspect of our investment strategy is working with committed, knowledgeable, high integrity entrepreneurs, and where founders can genuinely benefit, short-term and long-term, from our experience and connections, as well as from the capital investment. We serve as strategic rather than merely financial investors throughout our involvement with portfolio companies, continually striving to be valuable advisors to the management team.
In addition to commercial, legal and accounting due diligent examinations, RosenRam examines and promotes the intangibles of target companies, focusing on the ability to mesh successfully with their founders, shareholders, and top management.