Message to enterpreneurs
A proper alignment of interests is a critical determinant of a transactionís ultimate success. By co-investing with our investors we become active participants thus ensuring continuity and adding further incentive to create significant shareholder value.

Message to investors

RosenRam is a very tight-knit operation with its two founding partners personally overseeing and managing all aspects of business on behalf of its investors.
With a personal stake in the select number of ventures RosenRam is involved in at any given time, and having long-term ties with many of its investors, maintaining the investorsí privacy and ongoing satisfaction are the guiding principles for any endeavor.

Joshua Rosensweig and Revital Aviram have extensive experience counseling, structuring, and negotiating a variety of business ventures. The partners' active participation in taxation legislation in Israel, high level government committees, senior positions in Israelís finest financial institutions and doing business at the highest levels provide them with a clear advantage.
RosenRam has developed its highly regarded reputation of integrity by providing dedicated service that guarantees the utmost discretion and confidentiality. Having built a loyal network of prestigious domestic and international contacts over the last three decades, RosenRam provides an ideal foundation for the most lucrative opportunities. From origination through execution and closing, the company is fully committed to the success of any endeavor upon which it embarks. Linking personal service with extensive transaction and industry knowedge, RosenRam acts as a local representative for investors, and where circustances dictate, is pleased to introduce investors to entrepreneurs.